telomerACE: A revolutionary non-surgical treatment for ageing


Age has been clinically proven to be the leading cause of death in developed societies. Medical science has now found a non-surgical answer that has been decades in development. Using cutting-edge techniques, telomerACE acts on the body’s own natural ageing mechanisms to protect against chromosome damage and keeps you staying younger for longer.


telomerACE lite

Our foundation treatment is administered in our state of the art specialist clinics by healthcare professionals trained in age related disease and illness. During your first session a comprehensive age assessment examination is performed along with clinically manipulated photography prior to administration of telomerACE. Treatment is synchronized with cell cycle and division processes to optimise mitotic recognition and effects are instantaneously apparent through lack of exclusive temporal related pathogenic processes.


telomerACE plus+

Save the need for repeated treatment sessions and upgrade to our most popular treatment and enjoy the benefits of age prevention hassle free. Using our unique retroviral encoding service telomerACE can be permanently made available through your own unique DNA and natural gene transcription mechanisms ensuring you never miss a day of youth.


telomerACE Vertical Transmission

Are you pregnant or planning a family? Appear to be a caring parent and upgrade to our Vertical Transmission (VT) package. Pass on the benefits to your unborn children using our recombination placental insertion techniques and keep your descendents forever young. Our designer inspired sequences can be activated at your leisure, keeping important fragile sections of your children’s chromosomes permanently defended. Special birthday and graduation packages available upon request.



You’ve worked hard all your life, now have life work hard for you. seneSENCE uses our unique telomerACE technology to offer you the luxury of working longer to reduce the burden on your family. Mitigate against the ravages of old age by opting for one of our easy to pay monthly plans and add seneSENCE to your daily polypill today. Ask your pharmacist for more information.


telomerACE is only available through clinical referral. Please speak to your family doctor or hospital specialist for further information.


‘I had my treatment this morning and already I feel I haven’t aged a day.’ – Patient X

‘Finally I have my chance to balance the genetic shuffle.’ – Patient Y

‘My parents didn’t age well and I’d try anything to avoid their humiliation.’Patient Z

Further information: telomerACE is indicated for age related physical and mental health concerns. It is contraindicated in any circumstances when ageing may be required in the future. telomerACE is associated with increased teratogenicity, cancer risk, fatigue of life and deleterious effects on society including but not limited to economic and resource catastrophe. telomerACE  is not known to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, neurodegenerative conditions or deaths caused by accidents. telomerACE industries are a fictitious organisation and are not responsible for any objective or subjective changes you may experience during the reading of this advertisement or treatment sessions. By reading this section of this fabricated advertisement you are relinquishing all future opportunities of redress in relation to action or no action of any process related to this full stop.

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