Google Images, M.D. (Class of 2020)

Has your perception of your profession, your colleagues or yourself changed over the the last year? Time for an unreality check. Learning objectives 1. Image search your job role/specialism 2. See what changes, if any, have occurred since last year 3. Reflect on whether these images are influencing patients and doctors Last year I wrote […]

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Learning failure for doctors: The Kobayashi Maru simulation in medicine

Report to Starfleet medical immediately. Learning objectives 1. Understand the nature of the Kobayashi Maru simulation 2. Consider how experiencing no-win situations could be useful for doctors 3. Reflect on your own experiences of failure and whether you could have anticipated your feelings In arguably the best Star Trek film we have perhaps one of […]

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Thank you for downloading NHStart™. Before you start consulting, please read these instructions carefully and follow the correct patient procedures. Keep these instructions safe for future reference. Caution: If you consult your virtual doctor for long periods, take a 10 to 15 minute break every hour or so. NHStart your healthcare journey! Welcome and enter […]

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What does Dr. Google look like?

When you think of the term ‘doctor‘, what picture pops into your head? Images of doctors have changed through the ages, but never have they been more ubiquitous than they are now. They are powerful tools of communication. Do the images cause problems not only in the way patients view doctors but also in the […]

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