What is this site?

This site hopes to explore some of the issues left unexamined in the traditional medical education setting.

Who is this relevant to?

Although my experience is primarily related to healthcare in the UK, I hope the topics explored on this site will be applicable to healthcare professionals and students no matter their working or learning environment.

What is the format?

The posts on this site can be used as short tutorials to run with students or used by individuals themselves for self-directed learning. They are designed to facilitate reflection through questioning and I would encourage readers to write down or discuss their thoughts with colleagues.

Why a website and not a book?

I love books but for this project I feel a website allows a greater use of media to engage different types of learners. Links to external sites are also quicker to access. The comments section allow for further discussion and response from a wide range of learners who may otherwise never interact.

How much does this cost to access?

This site is free to access. I don’t make money from advertising or sponsors.

Can I use the material?

Please feel free to use the information on this site for personal use or non-commercial teaching purposes. If sharing, please remember to credit Unexamined Medicine or Sati Heer-Stavert and provide a link back to the source material. If you’re not sure, please contact me.

Can I help?

I run and update this site in my own time. I add posts when I come across something that I want to share. If you have any ideas or suggestions, please feel free to comment and I’ll try to respond.

How do I support you?

If you like the the site, please consider posting your thoughts in the comments section available on each post.

Creative Commons License
This work (excluding text and images that are not my own) is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. Some posts may contain material used under fair dealing. I have in each instance attempted to provide a link back to my source. If you are the original copyright holder and feel an infringement has occurred, please contact me so I can remove your content.