Ways of seeing: healthcare edition

In his book Ways of Seeing, John Berger uses the medium of pictorial essays to make the reader think. Similarly, this post contains only images but is intended to raise questions and stimulate reflection as much as any of my other posts. Learning objectives 1. Consider what questions arise from viewing the images below 2. […]

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A picture of health

“The effect of beautiful objects, of variety of objects and especially of brilliance of colour is hardly at all appreciated… I have seen in fevers (and felt, when I was a fever patient myself) the most acute suffering produced from the patient not being able to see out of a window and the knots in […]

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The waiting room exercise

The patient waiting room can be an insightful area to learn more about how a GP practice or outpatient department work. It also allows an opportunity for members of the clinical team to gain some understanding of the waiting experience from a patient perspective (or perhaps Jerry Seinfeld’s perspective).  The waiting room exercise is sometimes […]

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